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Welcome to the VSN 2013 Football Magazine

Victory Sports Network is happy to present the return of the Football Magazine. Here, you will find around 130 pages of information including rosters, schedules, media links, photos, maps and opinions. This production is the result of a lot of hard work by the Sports Information Directors of NAIA member institutions, active members of the VSN community, and myself.  I would partcularly like to thank personally the VSN members who volunteered to contribute content to this site, simply for the "love of the game".  Those members are:

  • Logan Anderson
  • Josh Bennett
  • Matt Bush
  • B. Lynn Fouts
  • Mark Roeder
  • John Thayer

They put a lot of thought and effort into writing content for the conference and team previews, without which this site would be far less interesting.  If you ever run into these guys, please buy them their beverage of choice.

Navigating the site

As this is a continuation of the Magazine as it was in print, I decided to lay out the content as if it were a paper magazine, something that you would page through from cover to cover. Navigation is at the top of the page:

Site navigation

In addition to the typical menus you find at the very top, on every page you will find a set of "breadcrumbs" links that show you your current page, one or more "topic" pages for that page, and the home page.  Below that, you will find "Back" and "Forward" links that will make it easy to page through the magazine.  The "Overview" link takes you back up to the closest topic page.

A note about the content you will find here...

Team Data and Previews

Most fo the data categorized under team previews was supplied by the Sports Information Directors of the athletic programs themselves.  I am eternally gratefull for their assistence in assembling this data and getting the quotes from the coaches about the forthcoming season.  For the most part, it is presented as submitted by the SIDs.  In instances where the submitted data is incomplete, I have attempted to fill in what information I could find.  If data is still missing that you can assist with providing, let me know and I'll get it in.  That's one of the great things about going digital; there is no "final" deadline in which it must be committed to paper. The team rosters and schedules are a bit different; this data comes from Dakstats, and is very incomplete as of today (August 18, 2013).  Many of the schools do not submit rosters directly; they self populate as they submit the playing stats of those players.  In a few cases that is true of the schedules themselves.  We can ony be patient.

Conference Previews

The conference previews with associated team reviews are the production and opinions of the contributing writers.  They are considered to be very knowledgeable about NAIA football, and many have been watching games for decades.  If you have questions or comments about their contribution, ask them on the message boards, I am sure they would love to hear from you.  Unfortunately no one stepped forward to write previews for some of the conferences.  Hopefully someone will do so next year.

VSN Fan Preseason Top 25 Rating

The VSN Fan rating is supposed to be fun, but not stupid.  I think you will be impressed with the quaility of the poll.  As this poll was put together quickly, there were holes that allowed people (or possibly spammers?) submitting votes that were obviously not valid.  Such as all 25 votes going to one team, voting for teams in alphabetical order, voting only for teams near the top of the dropdown lists, etc.  Those votes were deleted.  The result is a poll that should be paid attention to.

There's more coming!

Producing this "magazine" has been really fun, and I've come up with all kinds of things that can be added to it to make it useful throughout the season.  You may have noticed that I have not referred to this as a "preview" anywhere; to do so would sell it short, as it is now intended to encapusalate an entire season of football in one site.  The things I will be adding have a lot to do with making it more useful during the season. Stay tuned!

I hope you enjoy the 2013 Football Magazine!

Rob Brandt
Victory Sports Network